MuayThai Guerrilla '17 by Baba Sakho, Naoil Tita, and Cyril Gane

 The long awaited return of MuayThai Guerrilla to Senegal with coach Baba Sakho and Muay Thai World Champion Dany Njiba. This year, the French team brought reinforcements with their friends and teammates Naoil Tita and Cyril Gane, both Champions of France in their respective weights and divisions. high level volunteer muay thai fighters and coach talk to mma fighter in africa during a class for the mma4africa movement Coach Baba Sakho and Muay Thai Champions of France Naoil Tita and Cyril Gane talking to students during a seminar in Senegal. As did its prequel, the project aims to develop the striking skills of MMA fighters and kick-boxers affiliated with the LionHeart Initiative in Africa, as well as exhibit Muay Thai to a new audience in Senegal. Although still the beginning of Muay Thai in Senegal and an it taking an active role in contributing towards the striking skills of aspiring MMA fighters, the project proved to be the natural progression towards the LionHeart volunteer's goal to ensure Muay Thai leaves its mark in Senegalese MMA. dozens of martial artist in the pushup position during muay thai warmups for class designed to develop the striking capacity of mma fighters in africa MMA fighters and other students in Senegal undergo the same grueling warmups French competitive fighters endure.

Naoil and Cyril came with fresh energy and built upon what Dany and Baba established the previous year. The MuayThai Guerrilla team intends to travel with an even larger cadré of fighters and trainers in 2018. This stunning revolution in martial arts in Senegal is beginning to draw notice from increasingly more observers watching from abroad, namely France which has exceptional talent in various forms of striking, with many fighters having a personal or emotional connection with Africa.

muay thai coach watches over dozens of students including mma fighter during a muay thai seminar in senegal west africa MuayThai Guerrilla project manager watches over students during seminar. The local attendance to this year's Muay Thai Guerrilla events sometimes tripled compared to the previous year, which in itself is motivating and encouraging to LionHeart contributors who offered their time, money, and energy to introduce Muay Thai in Senegal.Most notably, the local student's eagerness to learn new techniques encouraged volunteer contributors. So much so that less than a month after leaving Senegal, the MuayThai Guerrilla team had already began planning for their return in 2018, which they intend to do bigger, stronger, with a fresh curriculum to build up previous projects. Follow the Muay Thai Guerrilla journey on Facebook at and Instagram at

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Champions of France Naoil Tita & Cyril Gane the project and potential in Senegal (French)  

The MuayThai Guerrilla theme song, in keeping with the spirit of the team of  "light and fun"