The second evolution of the LionHeart Dakar Open was again staffed by members of KOA Team, but this time the objective was to impart those skills to local organizers and coaches to ensure Jiu Jitsu player affiliated with the LionHeart Initiative had the skills, experience, and ability to sustain what was previously organized by volunteer visitors from the USA. Creating this sustainability ensured local staff were able to organize several tournaments of their own in months following the internationally organized 2017 Dakar Open. A notable and encouraging sign in 2017 was African transnational support in the form of several competitors traveling from the neighboring country of The Gambia, enduring a full day long voyage across rivers and pothole ridden roads to attend the Dakar Open.

The results and ranking from the 2017 Dakar Open held on 18 March 2017 at the Senegal National Dojo in Dakar:

Blue belt, Open Weight
1. Boubacar Diallo
2. Alfred “Aziz” Fouda
3. Mamodou Lamine Ba
4. Ousmane Sagna

White belt; GI 60 – 66kg
1. René Antoine Sadio
2. Moustapha Diouf
3. Mouhamadou Ndiaye

White belt; GI 67 – 70kg
1. Cheik Ahmed Tijane Diallo
2. Edward Reska
3. Abou Wone

White belt; GI 71 – 80kg
1. Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Ndiaye
2. Pedre Seye

White belt; GI 90 – 100kg
1. Bassirou Ndao
2. Ken Goodwin
3. Pierre Diouf

White belt; NOGI 60 – 66kg
1. William Leonache
2. Mouhamadou Ndiaye
3. Steve Ehi

White belt; NOGI 67 – 70kg
1. Edward Reska
2. Abou Wone
3. Issan Jichi

White belt; NOGI 90-100kg
1. Thebean Taylor
2. Bill Olander

White belt; GI 25 – 36kg
1. Samba Paziaud2. Nourdin Correa
3. Abdour Rahman Seck

White belt; GI 40 – 50kg
1. Hassan Paziaud
2. Assan Malick


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